Zero emission control valve

Achieve your sustainability goals with Mokveld’s latest innovation. This Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) reduces power consumption and achieves zero fugitive emission over the full lifetime of the valve.

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Servo technology assures extremely accurate control and no dead times during control. The environmental footprint of this concept is incomparably low. This innovative world first concept brings the already superb advantages and features of Mokveld’s axial flow control valve to the next level. International regulations, Scope 1 GHG protocol, company ambitions require net-zero emissions. The Mokveld ZERO emission control valve makes it possible.


Zero fugitive emission

The inherent design eliminates fugitive emissions, leakage or unintentional losses over the lifetime of the valve. The internal actuator removes the need for dynamic packing seals eliminating the main leak path of more common valve designs. 'Wear and tear' resulting in increasing emissions to atmosphere are history.

Zero external leakage throughout the lifetime of the valve. Only static seals to atmosphere are present and the process fluid is not in direct contact with these static seals. Without shaft seals and body joints unintentional leaks are impossible at any time during the lifecycle.

The perfect solution for valves on volatile air pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOC), hazardous fluids etc. while compliance to ISO 15848-1 is assured in any moment in time.

Axial flow

A reduced number of leak paths as a result of the single piece body casting, without body / bonnet seal. The Low weight and compact design reduces the environmental footprint already during the casting process. The streamlined flow path through the full-port expanded body prevents erosion and vibration and allows smaller valve sizes as a result of the inherent high capacity. Process downtime and maintenance costs will be reduced with the axial flow concept.

Accurate control and high turndown

Extremely accurate control and a response without dead time makes this an ideal valve for almost any application. The highly efficient and accurate technology of the servo actuator allows positioning with an unmatched precision. This combined with the unrivaled turn down ratio of the axial flow control valve allows for a very large operating envelope. Overall controllability is further improved by a virtual zero dead time, the valve starts to move as soon as a signal change is given. The valve's dead time is extremely small compared to the process time constant Taup.

Lowest power consumption

Extremely low power consumption is achieved by integrating the electric actuator inside the fully pressure balanced axial flow valve. Valve sizes up to 24 inch can be powered by 48V DC and require less than 400 watts (during stroking). Minimal power requirement during movement and almost zero power when stationary means the valve is the optimum choice for remote locations, such as solar powered sites or those which rely on uninterruptible power source (UPS) or no-break to assure availability. This innovative world first concept brings the already superb advantages and features of Mokveld’s axial flow control valve to the next level.
The Mokveld Zero emission control valve makes it possible to comply to international regulations, Scope 1 GHG protocol and to achieve company ambitions requiring net-zero.

The servo technology and inherent valve design allow start currents and current draw during movement low enough to connect to your existing back-up equipment. Mokveld can supply the complete package including back-up battery.

Reducing operational cost (OPEX)

Compared to any other valve, the Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) effort is vastly reduced. The number of leak paths to be measured is reduced to the end connections.
The maintenance free concept makes it possible to weld the valve in the line and even apply it in buried applications.

Diagnostics available

In order to further reduce the OPEX the electric servo actuator provides continuous diagnostic data. These data can be used to evaluate the status of the control valve and perform only predictive maintenance.

Product Summary

Type designation
Zero emission control valve
ZEV-R ….
Sizes 6" - 24"
Rating ASME class 150 - 600
other sizes and ratings upon request
Emission class AHCC3 (ISO 15848-1)
Power supply
230V AC (or 110V AC)
Other supply optional
200 - 400W depending on size
Battery / solar ready
Input signal
4-20 mA
Other input optional
IIoT ready
PID controller optional
Typical applications
M&R stations
Mixing stations
The Zero emission valve obtained TRL7 at the Gasunie location Beverwijk, The Netherlands
The Zero emission valve obtained TRL7 at the Gasunie location Beverwijk, The Netherlands
EMC testing of all components prior to the field test
EMC testing of all components prior to the field test
Vibration testing of the Zero emission valve
Vibration testing of the Zero emission valve

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Special features

  • ISO 15848-1 AHCC3 approved
  • Integrated PID controller creates a ‘self-acting control valve’ loop with pressure transmitter (if required with a remote set-point).
  • Custom designed valve and trim for each unique control application.
  • Cage designed for each specific application to keep noise to a minimum whilst obtaining maximum capacity where required.
  • Wide variety of high-capacity, low-noise and anti-cavitation trims.
  • Reliable FCI 70-2 Class VI seat leakage.
  • Hydrogen (H2) ready
  • Suitable for bi-directional control.

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