Axial check valve

An axial check valve is the preferred solution for critical non-return applications such as the protection of rotating equipment and systems where low pressure loss, stable operation and dynamic behaviour are essential.


Axial flow

Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body avoids turbulence and prevents erosion and vibration. Process downtime and maintenance costs are eliminated.

Low pressure drop

The full opening flow passage and high-pressure recovery of the venturi-shaped body result in very low pressure loss: reduced operating cost of pumps and compressors.

Easy opening

The low static pressure in the throat area is applied behind the disc and creates a pressure differential over the disc, resulting in easy opening.


Extremely stable during operation. The axial check valve responds smoothly to changes in flow and remains stable whit it is supposed to be.

Non-slam operation

The spring-assisted design ensures ultra-fast closing without backflow and pressure surges, in critical applications such as multi-pump systems or LNG trains.

Tight shut-off

Tight shut-off is obtained by means of metal-to-metal sealing. This sealing is not affected by erosive flow.

Maintenance free

Internal construction is based on the application of sound basic mechanical engineering principles. Consequently, the axial check valve does not require any maintenance.

Product Summary

Type designation
Check or non-return valve
Sizes 2" - 84", Rating class ASME 150 - 2500 or API 3000 - 10000, Higher pressure ratings on request
In preference to
Swing check valve (including controlled closure devices)
Dual-plate check valve
Piston check valve
Typical applications
Critical compressor / pump protection
Severe duty
Low pressure drop
LNG train
Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body
Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body
Axial check valve, Russia
Axial check valve, Russia
Axial check valve, 72"
Axial check valve, 72"

Dimensionless dynamic characteristic

Mokveld and Delft Hydraulics Laboratory together developed the ‘dimensionless dynamic characteristic’ in 1986, as the mathematical model of the behaviour of non-return valves. With this Mokveld contributed to the theoretical foundation for the understanding and application of non-slam check valves. Today this theory still stands, with the ‘dimensionless dynamic characteristic’ being used in transient simulation software packages, for the hydraulic design and optimisation of pipeline systems.

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Special features

  • Custom-designed valve to meet the clients specific process conditions.
  • Fire-safe, cryogenic (LNG) and subsea design.


Excellent LNG check valve

LNG train operators put the highest priority on production availability for a steady supply of LNG to meet the long term supply contracts (and prevent the high fines in case deliveries are delayed). To obtain this production availability the most reliable equipment for critical components is preferred. Non slam check valves are critical for the LNG process and Mokveld’s Non Slam Axial flow check valves are applied in most world class LNG trains.

In the LNG process the compressor train and cooling systems account for the biggest energy consumption. Therefore it is essential to minimize the pressure loss in the compressor trains and cooling water processes. The check valve selection and sizing is essential.

Mokveld Axial flow check valves are characterized by their large flow area and high pressure recovery design. Therefore Mokveld check valves offer the lowest pressure loss on the market. Mokveld provides an application specific valve sizing with pressure drop calculation for every valve, guaranteeing the lowest pressure loss and stable operation.

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