History of Mokveld

Mokveld has a long and distinguished history, starting 100 years ago in 1922.


Mokveld is founded as a small machine repair shop in Gouda by N.J. Mokveld Sr.


 N.J. Mokveld Jr takes over the company and turns it into a machine manufacturer.

Mokveld employee with wooden shoes (c. 1950)


For environmental reasons the company relocates from the centre of Gouda to the industrial area of the town.


The development of axial flow valves accelerates when Shell EP Netherlands discovers the Groningen gas field. The axial check valve is introduced.

Cyclone separators (c. 1960)


International companies begin to show interest in using our unique axial valves for specific critical applications. Mokveld starts to export its valves across the world. This year, the first axial control valves are supplied.


Mokveld concentrates solely on manufacturing axial flow valves for gas, oil and water market. 


The first high-integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS) are supplied to customers. With the further development of this concept, Mokveld makes an important contribution to the safe and sustainable production of the world’s gas and oil reserves.


Mokveld pioneers control valve technology for angle chokes. The cage-guided choke valve is launched on the market and quickly becomes the benchmark for production uptime.

Making of an axial flow valve (c. 1980)


A revolution in erosion control begins with the introduction of the axial choke valve. The first Axial Chokes are engineered specifically to handle extremely aggressive fluids with 16% carbon dioxide, 25% hydrogen sulphide in API 10,000 pressures.


Mokveld is taken over by the Thyssen-Bornemisza Group, but maintains the same focus and strategy. The company is officially named ‘Mokveld Valves BV’.


Mokveld introduces the self-acting surge relief valve based on the axial flow principle.


Mokveld and Delft Hydraulics Laboratory together developed the ‘dimensionless dynamic characteristic’ as the mathematical model of the behaviour of non-return valves, which was jointly presented on the 5th International Conference on Pressure Surges in Hannover, Germany. With this Mokveld contributed to the theoretical foundation for the understanding and application of non-slam check valves. Today this theory still stands, with the ‘dimensionless dynamic characteristic’ being used in transient simulation software packages, for the hydraulic design and optimisation of pipeline systems.

Check valve test loop at Delft Hydraulics Laboratory



Mokveld undergoes significant international expansion in the 1990s, and opens offices in Norway, the Ukraine, Malaysia and Algeria.

Working on a trim


With the introduction of its new angle choke valve, Mokveld once again sets the benchmark for production uptime. Based on the Total Velocity Management® concept choke erosion is reduced by a factor of 4.


As a result of a steadily growing demand Mokveld needs to increase production capacity. Our 2nd production facility is established in Shah Alam, in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Here we will focus specifically on the production of choke valves. Management is Dutch.

Mokveld Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (2009)


Mokveld qualifies the new axial valve design for subsea applications. Expanding the subsea product line with three new product groups: subsea control valves, subsea shut-off valves and subsea axial choke valves. A novelty in the subsea market.


With the commissioning of a new large pressure test installation for valves from 12'' ASME 2500 to  60” ASME 600 Mokveld consolidates its position as a premium manufacturer of large body size, high pressure valve systems.

New large pressure test installation


Mokveld and Typhonix AS based in Bryne, Norway signed a license and cooperation agreement to further develop the Typhoon System. The system, as developed by Typhonix, is a low shear control technology, based on a cyclonic axial flow to reduce mixing of petroleum phases, prevent emulsification and achieve cleaner produced water. Typhonix will continue developing the Typhoon System under their own name, but will closely cooperate with Mokveld as manufacturing and commercial partner. Released for commercial use in 2015.

Typhoon System

New vertical turning lathe


The innovative and quality driven nature of Mokveld ensures that the company is growing continuously. To give room to this growth Mokveld expands the office facilities at the Gouda premises with a new state-of-the -art 3000 square meter office. In addition, the factory expands with a new section for IFAT, FAT and freight forwarding.

New Mokveld head office


Mokveld commissions two new test bunkers for testing critical, high-quality valve systems, responding to the increasingly stringent demands of the industry in terms of quality and safety, such as fugitive emissions, PR2 or type approval testing. The bunkers are unique installations, developed internally by Mokveld and have specifications that are unmatched in the industry. With these test bunkers Mokveld is on the forefront of what is possible in terms of pressure and temperature testing of valve systems.


Our new state-of-the-art cage program is included in our sizing software. Now containing low shear sizing, combination trims and hydropower and water units. The control behaviour of our axial control and angle choke valves can be accurately determined and modified to suit the demands of any application. Zero cavitation, low noise, low shear, correct Cv, and turndown conditions for the full process envelope for high and low flows. It is all included to offer optimal process control and guarantee reliable performance of our control and choke valves.


Mokveld introduces the first true Zero emission valve. The world’s first valve without dynamic seals to the atmosphere. Mokveld has incorporated an electric actuator inside its new valve, eliminating the stem seal to atmosphere entirely. This innovative design prevents any leakage to atmosphere throughout the valve’s entire life cycle. This groundbreaking technology brings achieving Scope 1 GHG goals one step closer - zero fugitive emissions. Over eighteen months of field trials have fully confirmed the design’s benefits, resulting in its TRL7 status.

The Zero emission valve with integrated actuator. 


2022; our centennial anniversary. Soon after founding in 1922 Mr. Mokveld started production of in-house products and the rest is history: 100 years of innovation and craftsmanship and originator of the axial valve for oil & gas applications as well as for critical applications in the hydropower and water industry worldwide. As hydrogen will play an important role in the energy transition, the full scope of Mokveld valves are hydrogen ready.