Axial control valves for pressure control in water transmission system

For a 400 km long water transmission system with 600 meters of elevation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mokveld supplied a series of 40’’/ 600# outlet control valves. This system supplies water to several terminals and to strategic reservoirs.

The design specifications for the system which transports potable water from a desalination plant on the east coast to the City of Riyadh were impressive and challenging. All related facilities needed to be suitable for a design capacity of more than 39,000 m³/h (comparable to 15 Olympic swimming pools per hour) and the requirement of a guaranteed water supply 24/7 in harsh environmental conditions.

The Axial Control valves will function as station outlet valves, which mean they will control the flow in the pipeline. The axial control valves combine a very high capacity (low pressure loss) with excellent controllability over the full range of the valve stroke.

Total Velocity Management
The end-user based their selection for Mokveld on their experience with the previously supplied Mokveld Axial Control Valves several decades ago. These valves have had a minimum lifecycle cost and are still performing well. By selecting Mokveld Axial Control valves with Total Velocity Management concept for this demanding application, the end-user will ensure the safe and reliable operation of the transmission system and water supply to millions of people for the coming decades.

  • Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Business area: Water
  • Application: Flow control
  • Size and rating: 40’’ / ASME 600


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