Product support

After 30 years in service, many Mokveld valves are still maintenance free. However, in order to ensure you continue to benefit from valves that offer high capacity and safety as standard, we offer a range of modernisation services.

Availability is our keyword and helping you as a user of Mokveld products in fulfilling your contractual obligations as your main goal.

Plants are aging, wells are depleting and operation conditions are changing. Changes over the years in operating pressures and medium compositions are often neglected. This can cause a potential hazard in case of a valve with a safety function, such as ESD or HIPPS, but it also might affect the integrity and functionality of critical application control valves.

With a specific focus on brown field applications, EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) and EGR (Enhanced Gas Recovery) programs, our Product Support department is there to help you to find the optimal balance between cost and availability.

Our team is available to discuss the valves in use with your operations and maintenance teams and to determine where improvement and cost saving is achievable.

Please contact our product support team for:

  • Availability studies and discussions
  • Optimization projects
  • End-users support
  • Information resource
  • Service spare parts and spare valve management

Service support

For installation and maintenance services you can depend on our global service network, combined with local support centres.