Valve management service

Mokveld valves are often a critical part of the process. Tagged products that play an important role in production availability or protection of the location and personnel. Vital parts of the installation are entrusted to the reliability of the Mokveld valves.

However, in certain occasions operators opt to keep a back-up valve at hand to secure production or safety in case of an emergency. To keep this back-up valve in perfect condition and readily available, Mokveld offers the service ‘valve management’. The valve will be ready to use with full warranty and all required certifications and is 24/7 available for immediate use.

For this service Mokveld provides storage in a dedicated warehouse with optimal environmental conditions for the equipment. Function- and hydro tests will be carried out at intervals required to keep the valves in 'ready to be installed' condition. This assures you, as end-user, the installation of a valve from which the validity of the certification and warranty start counting from the moment the valve is delivered, independent from how long it has been stored.

Valve management will be controlled through our ERP system to keep track of the status, certification conditions and location of the valve.

As we store and handle your property a full coverage by our insurance for the length of the contract is part of the program.

Optional service is the provision of a critical valve parts warehouse. Also here we offer storage and management services specifically designed and dedicated to internals for your valves in critical control or safety functions.


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