Axial control valve

Selecting Mokveld axial control valves with proven reliable performance will help to reduce costly maintenance and lost production time; a choice that will ensure the safe and reliable operation of your plant.

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Axial flow

Streamlined flow path through the full-port expanded body avoids turbulence and prevents erosion and vibration. Process downtime and maintenance costs are reduced.

Unique TVM®

Total Velocity Management® concept: intelligent valve design that carefully manages fluid velocity in all areas of the valve.

High capacity

The inherent capacity of the axial valve is very high compared to the conventional globe control valve and enables selection of smaller valve size. Alternatively the higher capacity can be used to minimize pressure loss or to provide for special control features.

Accurate control

Accurate control is possible (also with minimum opening) because of the pressure-balanced trim and full surround flow. Small, spring-opposed actuators can be selected for large valve sizes.

High turndown

High inherent capacity and accurate control features make the valve suitable for applications that require high turndown providing one-valve solution for the full process envelope.


Streamlined flow path avoids turbulence and therefore energy conversion in the valve body itself. Pressure drop is taken over trim only. Dynamic body noise is minimized.


The one-piece valve body provides 20% - 70% weight reduction compared to globe valves. This feature is even more attractive combined with spring-opposed actuators.

Product Summary

Type designation
Control valve
RZD - R......
Sizes 2"-72"
rating class ASME 150 - 2500 or
API 3000 - 10000
Higher pressure ratings upon request
Oil and Gas
In preference to
Conventional globe valve
Heavy-duty ball control valve
Angle control valve
Typical applications
Special control
Severe-duty (axial choke valve)
Anti-surge / recycle control
Anti-cavitation / Joule-Thomson
Hydropower and Water
In preference to
Sleeve valve (incl. submerged vertical)
Plunger or needle valve
Fixed cone valve
Typical applications
Dams, reservoirs and hydro power plants
Waterworks and supply systems
Desalination plants
Turbine inlet, bypass and control
Pump start-up and control
Tank / reservoir level control
Controlled outlet / discharge
Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body
Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body
Axial control valve, Germany
Axial control valve, Germany
Axial control valve, Russia
Axial control valve, Russia

Can we help?

If you would like to have more information about this product, please contact us. As experts in engineered valve systems, we are capable of providing reliable customer services and can support you with valve sizing and selection, process engineering and system lay-out and budget pricing.

Special features

  • Custom designed valve, trim and actuator for each unique control application.
  • Suitable for severe choke applications with tungsten carbide trim
  • Exceptionally suitable for anti-surge applications
  • Wide variety of high-capacity, low-noise and anti-cavitation trims
  • Low fugitive emission: Tightness class B conform ISO 15848-1 (optional)
  • Hydrogen (H2) ready
  • Fire safe design
  • Reliable bi-directional bubble tight shut-off
  • No venting pipe or jump in pipe size is required to reduce impact of cavitation in water applications.
  • Full range of matching Mokveld pneumatic and hydraulic actuators with tailored control arrangements is available. Electric and electro-hydraulic actuation is also available.

More information

Product support

In order to ensure you continue to benefit from valves that offer high capacity and safety as standard, our Product Support team offers a range of services to improve your valves in use and to achieve cost savings.