100% reliable surge
protection at Nord Stream gas pipeline

Mokveld control valves act as cold bypass control valves and as anti-surge control valves at all Nord Stream GPU's.

The Portovaya compressor station of the Gryazovets–Vyborg gas trunk line is located on the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea in the Portovaya Bay near Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast. This compressor station is a starting point for gas supplies via the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The compressor station is a unique gas transmission facility in terms of capacity (366 MW) and operating pressure (220 Ata). It is also special because of its gas transmission over a distance of some 1,200 kilometres via the Nord Stream gas pipeline with the subsequent gas delivery to onshore gas pipelines in Germany avoiding construction of an extra compressor station in the landfall point. Rolls-Royce has supplied 6 gas-pumping units (GPUs) with the capacity of 52 MW and 2 GPUs with the capacity of 27 MW.

Mokveld installed axial control valves at every GPU. These valves need to act as cold bypass control valves and as anti-surge control valves. Since the Nord Stream gas pipeline is one of the major natural gas supplies to Europe, any failure can have serious consequences, especially in winter time. Hence, for this facility 100% reliable surge protection is crucial.

Reliable and stable operation

Mokveld selected appropriate valve sizes, metallurgy of internal parts and optimum valve capacity. The Mokveld control valves at the Portovaya compressor station enabled fast testing and commissioning of the GPUs, thus saving time and reducing overall costs. Nowadays, when the gas pipelines operate at full capacity, the Mokveld control valves deliver reliable and stable operation, and prevent failure and reduce unplanned deferment of the compressor station.

Mokveld Valves has been a supplier to Gazprom since the early 1980s. The high quality of engineering, durability and long term reliability of the valves has been proven over time. Even world leading manufacturers of automatic control systems for GPUs confirm that the axial design of Mokveld control valves combined with thoroughly engineered trim geometry, are the best in the industry, to achieve the best results in terms of failure-free operation time, control accuracy and economic efficiency. 

  • Country: Russia
  • Business area: transmission
  • Application: anti surge control at -60°C (-76°F)
  • Size and rating: 16" ASME 600

Product support

In order to ensure you continue to benefit from valves that offer high capacity and safety as standard, we offer a range of modernisation services. For more information about our modernisation services, please contact your Mokveld support office or representative.