HIPPS is applied to prevent over-pressurisation of a plant or pipeline by shutting off the source of the high pressure. The Mokveld HIPPS totals over 35 000 (with over 2500 valves) operational years and are therefore proven-in-use for high reliability safety applications.


High reliability

Third parties have validated the failure data of the final element (valve and actuator) on applications with less than 2 seconds stroking time.

Fast acting

Fast acting axial on-off valve with integrated actuator, specifically designed for fast reliable stroking.

High capacity

The capacity of the axial on-off valve is extremely high, as a result of which the pressure drop is negligible.

Accuracy better than 1%

Mokveld’s mechanical initiators have an accuracy better than 1 percent of the set point. Failure data have been validated by third parties.

No partial stroke testing required

The Mokveld final elements do not require additional electronic systems, like partial stroke testing devices, to meet SIL 3 with a 1 year test interval. A separate technical datasheet on this subject is available.

Product Summary

High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Final element
Mokveld’s axial on-off valve with integrated actuator and solenoid or mechanical initiators
Sizes: 2" - 48"
Ratings: ASME 150 - 2500 or API 3000 - 10 000
Higher pressure ratings upon request
All: EN14382 certified (former DIN3381)
Full closure in 2 seconds
In preference to
Flare systems
Venting or relief systems
Other designations
Safety shut-down systems (SSD)
Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
Safety Instrumented Function (SIF)
Over-pressure protection systems (OPPS)

Ventajas del HIPPS

HIPPS proporciona una solución técnica y económicamente atractiva para proteger los equipos en casos donde:

  • Alta presión y flujos se procesan.
  • El medio ambiente debe ser protegido.
  • La viabilidad económica de un desarrollo necesita mejoras.
  • El nivel de riesgo de la planta debe reducirse.
Qué es HIPPS?

HIPPS es un sistema instrumentado de seguridad, diseñado y construido de acuerdo con las normas, IEC 61508 e IEC 61511.  Estas normas internacionales se refieren a las funciones de seguridad (SF) y a los sistemas instrumentados de seguridad (SIS) cuando se evalúa una solución para protección de equipos, personal o el medio ambiente. Un sistema que cierra la fuente de sobrepresión en 2 segundos tiene la misma confiabilidad que una válvula de alivio de seguridad, generalmente se identifica como HIPPS.

HIPPS es un circuito completo que consiste en:

  • Iniciadores que detectan alta presión y pueden ser electrónicos o mecánicos.
  • Para los HIPPS electrónicos, se coloca solucionador lógico (PLC) que procesa señal de entrada de los iniciadores a una señal de salida para el elemento final.
  • El elemento final, que realmente realiza las acciones correctivas en el campo, devuelve el proceso a un estado seguro.
    El elemento final consiste en una válvula y un actuador de alta confiabilidad asociado a solenoides o iniciadores mecánicos.

Confiabilidad Mokvled

Terceros, como la TÜV alemána y el Organismo internacional de Energía Atómica, han validado la base de datos de instalaciones de Mokveld y los datos de confiabilidad derivados.
Las tasas de falla en servicios con solidos o limpios están disponibles para aplicaciones con un tiempo de ciclo de 2 segundos.
Los HIPPS de Mokveld totalizan más de 35 años de experiencia (con más de 2500 válvulas).
Por lo tanto, los elementos finales de Mokveld están probados en uso, para aplicaciones de seguridad de alta confiabilidad en gas natural e hidrocarburos multifásicos.

La tasa de fallo certificada de Mokveld para el elemento final (es decir, la válvula más el actuador) para que una falla en el sistema inicie una ciclo completo de cierre en 2 segundos para aplicaciones de hidrocarburos no tratados es: λd = 1,0 x 10-4 / año.
La tasa de falla para un solo iniciador hidráulico mecánico Mokveld es: λd = 9,7 x 10-4 / año.
Estos datos permiten a Mokveld proveer HIPPS para cumplir con los requisitos SIL 3 o incluso a SIL 4, con intervalos de prueba de 1 año o el sistema totalmente conforme a EN 12186 o EN 14382.

Los elementos finales de Mokveld no requieren sistemas electrónicos adicionales, como dispositivos de prueba de actuación parcial, para cumplir con SIL 3 con intervalos de prueba de 1 año. Se dispone de una hoja de datos técnicos independiente sobre este tema.

Mechanical HIPPS safety loop
Mechanical HIPPS safety loop
Electronic HIPPS safety loop
Electronic HIPPS safety loop

Can we help?

If you would like to have more information about this product, please contact us. As experts in engineered valve systems, we are capable of providing reliable customer services and can support you with valve sizing and selection, process engineering and system lay-out and budget pricing.

Two types of HIPPS

Based on our vast experience and expertise Mokveld offers two types of HIPPS

  1. Integral mechanical HIPPS, since 1974
  2. Full electronic HIPPS, since 2000

1. Integral mechanical HIPPS - using mechanical initiators

In 1974 the German DVGW certified the Mokveld final element including mechanical initiators in accordance with EN 14382 (former DIN 3381). Since that date Mokveld has field experience with safety shut-off valves (with actuator and initiator) closing within 2 seconds. 

Main features of Mokveld’s integral mechanical HIPPS:

  • Integrated safety loop to IEC 61508 / EN 12186
  • Safe and simple
  • Option not requiring external energy (stand-alone HIPPS)
  • No wiring required
  • Set point accuracy < 1%
  • System to SIL 3 or 4
  • Third party validated failure data
Integral mechanical HIPPS 1oo2, pneumatic version

Integral mechanical HIPPS 1oo2, pneumatic version

Unique and stand-alone

A safety system with Mokveld’s mechanical initiators is a unique system. The fully mechanical initiators are our own design and development from Mokveld and they are available for hydraulic or pneumatic actuated final elements. Mokveld’s integral mechanical HIPPS is easily identifiable in the plant, easy to operate and simple. This makes it an inherently safe system. As an option a full stand-alone system requiring no external energy is available for applications in remote areas.

Third party validated

Because Mokveld gained field data on their HIPPS (both final element and mechanical initiator) since 1974 a vast amount of reliable operational data is available. Third parties have validated this data. Mokveld can therefore supply a fully integrated (mechanical) HIPPS for your SIL 3 or SIL 4 applications.

2. Full electronic HIPPS - with electronic pressure transmitters

When designing a HIPPS Mokveld always treats a HIPPS (and other SIS) as a complete certified functional loop and not on separate component level. Safety wise the HIPPS loop is designed in accordance with IEC 61508 and 61511. On the specification side of the final element the design is in accordance with EN 14382 (DIN 3381). The misunderstanding that ‘system’ stands for controller and that a SIS can be designed on component level, is the cause of the biggest problem in the implementation of HIPPS. The under specification of mechanical components and the acceptance of component Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certification, instead of verification of the complete loop SIL is still a pitfall.

Main features of Mokveld’s full electronic HIPPS:

  • Integrated safety loop to IEC 61508 and 61511
  • No limit on distance between transmitters and final element
  • Communication with Plant Safety System
  • Possibility of integrated monitoring
  • Hard-wired solid-state logic solver
  • High integrity manifold block for safer operation
  • System to SIL 3 or 4 

 Full electronic HIPPS 2oo3, pneumatic version

Full electronic HIPPS 2oo3, pneumatic version

Mokveld engineering assistance

Mokveld engineers can provide support in an early phase of the project. We can assist in defining suitable HIPPS architecture, fault tree analysis, determining the pressure rise in the protected volume and the required stroking times and set points of the entire system.

HIPPS are critical elements in a process loop. Malfunction or failure of a HIPPS can seriously affect plant operation, the environment and personnel. The design of a HIPPS should be based on sound technical and economical arguments and long-term perspectives. Selecting a Mokveld HIPPS with proven reliable performance will ensure a safe and reliable operation of your plant.


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Product support

In order to ensure you continue to benefit from the reliability of our HIPPS and safety as standard, our Product Support team offers a range of services to improve your valves in use and to achieve cost savings. 

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