Reducing methane emission in a gas mixing station with the Zero emission valve

Methane emissions occur at many places in exploration, processing, transport and distribution of natural gas. Independent research indicates valve spindles and natural gas driven instrumentation are main contributors to these Scope 1 GHG emissions. The groundbreaking technology of the Mokveld Zero Emission Valve eliminates spindle emissions over the full lifecycle. The smart control system can avoid the emissions of the pneumatic controllers. For Gasunie in the Netherlands more than enough reason for a field test with the Zero emission valve where Mokveld achieved TRL7.

Dutch natural gas infrastructure and transportation company Gasunie allowed us to perform a field test with our new zero emission control valve at their gas mixing station Beverwijk. It achieved TRL7 status after 18 months of trouble free operation.

At location Beverwijk, different gas qualities are mixed to obtain “Groningen” quality gas. The quality band is quite narrow and the mixing station Beverwijk is considered a demanding application. Accurate control and immediate response to changes is required to avoid a shut-down resulting in out of specification gas.

Normally control is performed by an 8 inch valve for high flows and a 4 inch valve for the low flows.

An 8 inch Zero emission valve was installed and thanks to the axial flow design and accurate (servo) control it was found to correctly control the full process envelope. Our new 8 inch valve performed the control of the 4 inch valve at the very low flows without problems, and the high flows during winter demands. The zero emission valve remained in operation for 18 months without change-over to smaller lines.

To achieve their CO2-neutral footprint in 2050, it is the goal of Gasunie to find sustainable solutions for the emission of methane. With zero emission over the full lifetime of the valve, our Zero emission valve helps Gasunie to achieve GHG Scope 1 reduction.

Another benefit of the zero emissions over the lifetime of the valve is the reduction of the hazardous areas of the plant.

Although this is an above ground application, Gasunie intends to apply the valve in other stations in buried service. The maintenance free concept of the Zero emission valve makes this possible. 

  • Country: the Netherlands
  • Business area: transmission
  • Application: gas mixing station
  • Size and rating: 8” ASME 600

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