Axial flow valves by Mokveld

Mokveld provides the gas and oil industry with expert knowledge and highly advanced engineered valve systems for critical control and safety applications.


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Production, transmission and processing markets want to enjoy economies of scale, while safeguarding the environment. So does Mokveld. It doesn't matter which valve solution you ask us to engineer, it will always be an advantage to your process and the environment in which it will be used.

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8 March Low shear valves are confirmed to be the most cost-effective technology to enhance oil-water separation
This recommendation comes from the Norwegian Environmental Agency in their report “Work towards the zero discharge to sea from offshore petroleum activities”.
15 November Successful offshore installation of Typhoon® System on Statoil’s Troll C
Mokveld’s low shear Typhoon System has once again demonstrated the robustness of the technology.
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