Self-acting surge relief valves for a remote location

For a mining operation in South America, Mokveld supplied five self-acting surge relief valves for a remote location

The mining project will use open pit mining and processing by flotation to produce copper concentrate, as well as molybdenum and silver by-products. The mine is expected to produce an average of approximately 300,000 tonnes per year over its first ten years of operation. That is sufficient copper to wire 80 million homes or 90 million electrical vehicles. Amounts which we will need as the demand for copper is increasing rapidly due to the electrification in the energy transition.

Approximately 22 Million Cubic Meters (MMC) of water will be required for the mining operation. Pumping platforms will drive the water to a regulating tank and from there will make the transfer for a gravitational flow to the project area using a pipeline of approximately 90 km in length. In the mine area, the water will be stored in pools. The system will have a capacity installed to transport an operating flow of 700 l / s.

Mokveld supplied five duplex surge relief valves in 8” and 12” class 600 and a 12” class 150 for this project. Three of these valves are placed at pump discharge and choke stations. The other two are located near the mine at the pools. The valves are placed at the inlet or outlet of pump stations as a safety device in case the pumps suddenly stop (pump trip) and produce a surge.

The Mokveld surge relief valve is explicitly designed for use in the most challenging surge applications. Where other manufacturers are forced to use nitrogen to operate their valves, The Mokveld surge relief valve has a proportional pilot capable to achieve the speed of response required for transient surge pressures without using nitrogen. Especially for remote locations such as this one in South America, the self-acting Mokveld surge relief valve is the optimum solution.

  • Location: South America
  • Business area: Production
  • Application: Mining operation
  • Size and rating: 8” and 12” ASME 600 and 12” class 150

Product support

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