Mokveld Valve Diagnostics for predictive maintenance

Flawless operation of a process highly depends on the reliability and availability of your assets. The objective is to minimize operational downtime, in particular unscheduled outages and to protect your assets and the environment from safety incidents, preferably at reduced cost. It goes without saying that mission-critical valves in your system get proper attention.

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You can improve your uptime while avoiding unnecessary maintenance of the Mokveld valves used in critical control and safety applications, by assessing the current condition of the valve system thoroughly without removing the valve from the line.

The Mokveld Valve Diagnostic System allows you to do just that. After careful analysis of all recorded data and based on sound knowledge of the equipment, Mokveld can recommend a predictive and preventive maintenance strategy.


Short inspection time

Mokveld collects all necessary data in only four hours. Although the valve cannot be used during this diagnostic test, the interference in your production process is very limited compared to a full inspection.

Accurate analysis by OEM

We offer sound knowledge of the equipment, based on 60 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining valve systems. Working closely with your production and maintenance staff, we will use this knowledge to determine the optimum performance strategy. We can compare the recorded field data with initial Factory Acceptance Test data at an increasing number of installations.

Made by Mokveld

The DPT System and software is designed, developed and optimised for Mokveld valve systems.

Reliable prognoses of predictive maintenance

The Valve Diagnostic System allows Mokveld in close cooperation with your staff, to define a predictive maintenance strategy aimed at avoiding unnecessary equipment inspections. In addition, it enables an extended recertification cycle of safety and production critical equipment.

Warranty extension

The Diagnostic test result allows Mokveld to extend the warranty of a new or overhauled valve and actuator by a certain period. By performing the diagnostic test at the agreed interval we are able to keep the valves under warranty, which means that you are covered when something happens with the equipment, caused by issues that are out of the scope of your responsibility.

Full report

To keep your asset documentation complete, an official OEM report including certification of the valve system will be submitted.

Clear graphs are shown in the official OEM report.
Clear graphs are shown in the official OEM report.
Clear graphs are shown in the official OEM report.
Clear graphs are shown in the official OEM report.

Can we help?

If you would like to have more information about this product, please contact us. As experts in engineered valve systems, we are capable of providing reliable customer services and can support you with valve sizing and selection, process engineering and system lay-out and budget pricing.

Product Summary

Valve Diagnostic System
Mokveld model
Consists of
Mokveld’s Dynamic Performance Test System and software
Applicable to
All Mokveld control, choke and HIPPS valves including Mokveld’s pneumatic or hydraulic actuators and instrumentation
Available through
Mokveld Service Engineers and certified Mokveld Service Partners

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In order to ensure you continue to benefit from valves that offer high capacity and safety as standard, our Product Support team offers a range of services to improve your valves in use and to achieve cost savings.