About the company

Mokveld provides the gas, oil and water industry with expert knowledge and advanced engineered valve systems for critical control and safety applications.

Mokveld offers high-quality axial flow valves. These valves are the culmination of generations of ongoing, high-quality research, and an in-depth knowledge of our customers’ processes and operating practices.

As a result, we can assist you to:

  • increase production
  • decrease operational and life-cycle costs
  • enhance power savings.

Mokveld axial flow valves can be used safely in severe conditions, thanks to their quality and reliability. What’s more, our customers can rely on global service and support capabilities. This enables us to meet your needs, wherever in the world you need us.

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The vision of Mokveld Valves is that the world’s energy, water and material demand can be met in a sustainable way, with a responsible and environmentally safe use of our planet’s resources.

Mokveld contributes to this by developing and supplying state-of-the-art equipment and services, based on innovative technology which enables enhanced production, improved safety, reduced emissions and noise levels, power savings and minimised footprint, all this at high availability and lower operational and life-cycle costs. These are benefits that serve the environment and society as well as the economy, enabling our customers to meet and exceed their business targets.


Mokveld Valves’ mission is to continue to strive for market and technology leadership within the hydrocarbon and water production, transportation and processing markets, by designing, manufacturing and providing high integrity valve systems and associated services for demanding control, conditioning and protection applications.

Essential to this is best in class QA, continuous research and product development and a ‘first time right’ mentality, underpinned by understanding the needs of our customers, their processes and operating practices.


We are convinced that our long term ambitions can only be realised if we act in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. With knowledgeable, motivated, skilled and empowered employees at the core of our added value.

This is reflected in our values, our commitment to integrity and business ethics, our QHSE policy, our continuous investment in the development of our employees, and our long term relationships with our key suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.