Typhonix organises Low Shear Day

On 5 June, Typhonix organises Low Shear Day. During this free seminar they will share the extensive knowledge they have on the effects of shear in oil production and the benefits of low shear processing.

Typhonix has developed and tested low shear process equipment for more than 10 years. The Low shear technology developed by Typhonix is used in the Mokveld Typhoon® Valve Systems. By reducing shear forces in control valves and choke valves, Typhoon Valve System is a cost effective solution for cleaner production.

Mokveld’s low shear expert Robert Verwey will be present at Low Shear Day at the Typhonix premises in Bryne where they will highlight the following subjects:

  • What are the effects of shear in oil production?
  • Where can you find sources of shear?
  • What can you do to minimize shear forces or mitigate the effects of shear on downstream separation equipment?
  • How can your process layout and equipment be optimized to reduce potential separation issues?


10:00 - Effects of shear in oil production
10:30 - Benefits of low shear processing
11:00 - Live test demonstration in Typhonix R&D laboratory
11:30 - Where and how to apply low shear technology (TechnipFMC) 12:00 - Lunch

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