Sustainable treatment of produced water

Sustainability drivers have led to the publication of a European Guidance Document for Best Available Techniques on Upstream Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production.

This EC Guidance Document attempts to unify regulations, standards, and guidance in terms of practices and intent. It defines Environmental Performance Levels (EPLs) that onshore and offshore operations must meet and indicates “The typical stages of gravity separation, hydrocyclones and degassing may not be sufficient to meet the EPLs stated, necessitating additional treatment steps prior to discharge.”

When the choice has to be made to treat produced water to reduce constituents with potential environmental impacts to levels with the EPLs you should consider technology to prevent shearing of oil droplets during treatment, such as low shear valves, since larger oil droplets are easier to separate.

This should be considered when developing new facilities or debottlenecking existing facilities. With the use of the Best Available Techniques Guideance Document, and the recommendation within, like low shear control and choke valves, one can design the optimum solution to meeting the EPLs considering weight and space, safety, cost, chemical use, other emissions (e.g. air).

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