Mokveld's Typhoon System; reduce CAPEX, increase production

Incorporation of the low shear Typhoon System in the design of oil production systems provides opportunities to reduce CAPEX on field developments or increase production rates and extend the producing lifetime of a mature field.

The technology incorporated in the Typhoon System reduces shear forces exerted on the produced fluids reducing droplet break-up. The larger droplets of the dispersed fluid entering the separator or flotation unit enhance the separation of oil and water.

Droplet distribution curves for standard control valve and Typhoon System

Droplet settling theory show that the improved droplet size and distribution by the Typhoon System, in comparison to standard valve solutions used today, may reduce the size of the separator while maintaining separation within design criteria on green field developments.

Alternatively, the improved droplet size and distribution improves the efficiency of existing separation vessels allowing higher production rates while maintaining separation within design criteria, or extend the production lifetime of a mature field.

Operators show great interest in this new technology as a means to improve operations.

This new technology again positions Mokveld as an innovator in providing the market with technology for improving efficiency of oil production.

Read the theory about low shear flow control in our white paper which can be downloaded from Typhoon System product page or contact our product specialist Robert Verwey.