Mokveld’s SC3 and suitability for SIL3 certificates renewed by TÜV

Your seamless and safe production benefits from reliable systems. TÜV revalidated the Mokveld database of HIPPS installations and the derived reliability data. This includes a TÜV certificate for our mechanical pressure initiator. In addition a certificate is issued for our integral mechanical HIPPS, the complete SIF consisting of valve, actuator and initiator. The renewed SC3 and SIL3 certificates for our axial valves including our actuator are valid for 2 seconds closing time after sensing high pressure.

Mokveld’s vast experience in fast stroking final elements totals over of 50 000 operational years (with more than 3700 valves). The Mokveld axial valves are therefore proven-in-use for applications in natural gas and multiphase hydrocarbons.