Low shear Typhoon System
on an oil producing well

A pilot with a low shear control system on an oil producing well resulted in 45% reduction of oil in the produced water.

Oseberg C - Photo: Øyvind Hagen, Statoil
Oseberg C - Photo: Øyvind Hagen, Statoil

The Oseberg C is an integrated accommodation, production and drilling platform. It produces around 25.000-30.000 barrels of oil per day from 18 wells. From three of the wells crude oil is sent via a multiphase pipeline to the Field Centre for processing. 

To improve the oil recovery rate some wells are injected with water, others with gas. The produced oil is subject to a three-phase separation and the stabilised oil is transported to the Sture terminal via the Field Centre. The main task of the three-phase gravity separator is to separate the bulk mixture coming from the wells in to separate clean phases. However, shear forces developed in the choke valves located in the feed line of the separation equipment break droplets and tighten emulsions. The smaller droplets and tighter emulsions reduce the efficiency of the gravity separation.

Reduce droplet break up and emulsification

To improve oil/water gravity separation and reduce further processing costs the first field tests comprised replacing the existing Mokveld choke valve on a producing oil well at Oseberg C platform by an angle choke Typhoon System. In the angle choke Typhoon System pressure losses are created in a different way.  The Typhoon System significantly reduces shear forces and subsequently reduces droplet break up and emulsification. The results showed that on average the oil content in the water from the test separator was reduced by approximately 45%. The Typhoon System improves the efficiency of downstream separation without the need to resort to chemicals or additional treatment processes.

After more than 7 years of development and testing in numerous programs, the Typhoon System is ready for commercial use. Meanwhile Mokveld’s R&D engineers continue to development the low shear control technology in close cooperation with Typhonix AS in Norway to optimise this environmental friendly separation process.

  • Country: Norway
  • Business area: production
  • Application: oil producing well
  • Test results: 45% reduction of oil in the produced water


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